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QUICK 6601  Smoke Absorber
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Brand: Quick Model: 33673
The filtering effect: 0.3um 99.97% Output power: 120W Voltage: 220V/110V Air volume: 120m3/h Packing weigth: 30kg Noise:..
Ex Tax:377.03$
QUICK 715 Intelligent Rework Station/European plug
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QUICK 861DW Rework Station
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Brand: Quick Model: 61867
● The 861DW from QUICK! It is the most popular hot air station in the sector due to its unbeatable quality / price ratio and unquestionable reliability. ● Fully ESD (electrostatic discharge). ● 3 parameter saving channels (temperature and air flow). ● Device lock function. &#..
Ex Tax:336.22$
QUICK 881D Hot Air Gun Station
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Brand: Quick Model: 43637
Λειτουργία: Εργαλείο αποκόλλησης PCB BGA Ισχύς: 1300W Τάση: 110V / 220V Εύρος θερμοκρασίας: 100 ℃ ~ 500 ℃ Εύρος αναλογίας όγκου αέρα: 1 έως 120 Μέγιστη ροή αέρα: 120L / min Μέγεθος: 188 (L) x 245 (D) x 135 (H) mm..
Ex Tax:394.76$
Brand: Quick Model: 61800
● QUICK 936A Manual soldering station with a 60W heating power. Simple and easy to use, made for soldering electronic components using lead-free solders. ● Features ● Fast heating and rapid thermal recovery. ● Long lifetime heater. ● Easy tip replacement. ● Compati..
Ex Tax:61.22$
QUICK TS-1200A Soldering Station Complete
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Brand: Quick Model: 43733
Power: 120W Heating principle: resistance type Voltage: 220V/110V Temperature range: 200°C - 420°C Temperature stability: 2 Earth resistance:..
Ex Tax:149.92$
Quick TSS02-J-01 Soldering for Quick TS-1200A
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Quick TSS02-SK Soldering Tip for Quick TS-1200A
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